Our Job

We are Mats and Ylwa Woxmark, and we train, coach and educate  both horses and people with the H3-method since 2012.

Together we run Dalecarlian Horse Academy, where The Horseback archery Academy has been a successful part since 2012.

Our values

The well-being of the horse is always number one, which is why we put the human understanding in center. The method we use is called "H3".

We look at the horse as a family member and a teammate who is allowed to think and react and we work to spread knowledge about method.

Our Secret

The "H3-method" stands for Horse-Horse, Horse-Human and Human to horse. About 150-200 Teams are educated at our Academy every year.

It ensures that you understand your horse's reactions, behaviors and needs, but also how much you affect your surroundings.