Ylwa and Mats Woxmark

Photo: Zandra Ahl Photography
Photo: Zandra Ahl Photography

Det var år 2007 som Ylwa och Mats Woxmark träffade varandra i medeltiden och blev bästa vänner, De upptäckte inte bara flera gemensamma intressen, såsom ett stort samhällsengagemang och synen på hästträning, år 2010 blev de ett par och 2011 startade de tillsammans företaget DHA.

If you could change the world

...would you do it?

Ylwa and Mats answered yes on that question and createad the company DHA. They wanted to build a better world for both horses and humans by spreading the world about the H3-method. 

Both of them have a past as Knights, so it became a matter of course to pay a Knight's oath with three words as guiding stars throughout the business:

Courage, trust and teamwork.

Finns inte Modet och Tilliten, blir det inget Samspel.

  • A Knight's first task is, to protect and defend the ones who are defenseless, it can sometimes mean that you have to follow your conviction despite the fact that your own self risks losing. This requires Courage
  • A Knight should be convinced that the world always can change for the better. They work constantly to create improvement and they believe in change. But in order to do so, Trust in all individuals you meet is required.
  • A Knight must respect and have an understanding for his teammate, because together you will achieve a common goal. Everything you do, you have to do as a team because your life can depend on it and therefore you have to renounce your Ego in favor of Teamwork.
If there is no Courage and Trust, there will be no Teamwork.

business idea

We create courage, and our focus is mental training of both horse and man. Our tool is historical horsesports


The Academy shall be a leading education within its genre regarding quality and sporting success


The horse is the key to succeess, so we put the horse's the rider's under-standing for it in the center

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