training & Bitless


We train with reward-based training when we want to teach new behaviors and reach new goals. This means that we use rewards when we work. This means, that we first find out
what the horse likes, a good reward does not always have to be candy!

The basis for reward-based training is a good relationship,
and we therefore choose to train the horses completely freely
when we do the groundwork. In this way, the horses can choose when they want to be with us!


The H3-method is the tool we work with and it stands for Horse, Horse-Human, Human-Horse. When a new horse arrive at our place, it is always the herd that takes care of him or her the first time. The H3-method is based on LIMA 


LIMA means Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive and describes a trainer or a behaviourist that uses reward based training to educate and to reach a goals in training. This means that we work to increase the use of reward based training methods in general!

world bitless

We are since 2020 Sweden's National representatives in World Bitless Association! This means, we have a national assignment to spread and increase knowledge about bitless riding and driving. We are really looking forward to our task!