Ylwa, Mats Woxmark and the horse Jeenial ox

Ylwa and Mats Woxmark met in 2007 "in the middle ages" and became best friends. Soon they discovered they had severeal common interests like community involvment and the vue of horsetraining. In 2010 they became a couple and shortly thereafter an event occurred that would change their lives. This is the story of Jeenial ox, the horse that changed everything. In 2011 they started "the Amazonschool" that later became the company "DHA".

The Horse that changed it all

...sometimes something needs to happen to create change.

It was November 15th, 2010, one of the coldest winters in Sweden in 150 years. Mats was home alone and Ylwa's horse Jeenial was about to die. He walked with him in the snow all night long, but when the vet arrived next morning he was doomed.

We got to the Animal hospital Strömsholm and proceeded with a belly opening and 3.5 hours of surgery, Jeenial managed it against all odds. A long recovery period had begun and something happened in our view of horse handling and riding. By just hanging out with a horse who has been through something this traumatic, and not having any requirements to perform anything, a very special contact emerged. It was like trying to learn to walk and speak again and we named our experiences the H3-method.

Jeenial taught us that if we only take the time to listen and try to understand what the horses want to tell us, we can learn a lot about ourselves. He made us also aware of our own body language and the unconscious signals we are constantly sending out.

For three months, Ylwa and Jeenial only worked from the ground to build him up, and when it was time to start riding again, it was important that the fine contact that emerged was not destroyed.

The courage to release control in the reins was not there from the start and a diverting maneuver was required to make it work. Horseback archery became the solution.

Since that day, we help between 150 and 200 Teams each year to build relationships with each other.

If you could change the world

...would you do it?

Ylwa and Mats answered yes on that question and createad the company DHA. They wanted to build a better world for both horses and humans by spreading the world about the H3-method. 

Both of them have a past as Knights, so it became a matter of course to pay a Knight's oath with three words as guiding stars throughout the business:

Courage, trust and teamwork.

  • A Knight's first task is, to protect and defend the ones who are defenseless, it can sometimes mean that you have to follow your conviction despite the fact that your own self risks losing. This requires Courage
  • A Knight should be convinced that the world always can change for the better. They work constantly to create improvement and they believe in change. But in order to do so, Trust in all individuals you meet is required.
  • A Knight must respect and have an understanding for his teammate, because together you will achieve a common goal. Everything you do, you have to do as a team and therefore you have to renounce your Ego in favor of Teamwork.

If there is no Courage and Trust,
there will be no Teamwork !